Tips for Expecting Fathers

Educate yourself: All those books with glowing pregnant women on the covers are not just for her. It is important for you to learn everything you can about the pregnancy process and the pregnant woman. Gain knowledge on the stages of the pregnancy and the evolving symptoms. When visiting the doctor with the expecting mother ask questions (even if they sound ridiculous to you). The subheadings on pregnancy are vast and you will not be able to learn everything but strive for knowledge on what you can. Fuel your curiosity through constant learning and participation.
Communicate: Pregnancy is a physically and emotionally challenging process for a woman and just like anything that takes up your time and effort, the need to talk through it always helps. So lend an ear or two; let her vent about the things she is going through: the discomfort, the body changes, her anxieties on the baby’s development. You should also try to be understanding and engaging. Ask about her day, discuss milestones and future plans. Lastly, be reassuring and let her know to expect positive outcomes. Two worrying to-be parents do not cancel each other out.

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